A Spanish designer based in Tallinn, Estonia. I like to create visually attractive and functional designs, a.k.a. cool stuff

I come from the beautiful and sunny city of Málaga, Spain, where I grew up and got my formation, at first as web developer although soon I realized that I was made more for the design and aesthetics rather than coding so I decided to re-orientate my formation and put the focus on learning visuals, plus all the hours spent playing videogames encouraged me to learn 3D Modeling and Infoarchitecture.

All of that has allow me to be confident in diverse fields of design and therefore have a good understanding of the different aspects involving digital products or just any design work. During my work experience I have acquired experience in IT companies as well as design studio or start-ups. Different environments involving different challenges, that allowed me to put into practice my set of skills. In some ocassions that also involved the cool chance of living abroad, in Germany, Netherlands and currently in Estonia.

Other than design, I'm an amateur musician, football lover, horror films fan and curious traveller who loves visiting new countries.

Take a look at this website to check what I am able to do and don't hesitate to contact me for any work issue or inquiry!








Corporate graphics


Ad creatives / Banners


User Interface

Website / template design

Responsive design

Search Engine Optimization

Motion Graphics

Visual Effects

2D / 3D Tracking

Video Editing

3D Integration

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