Cidade Matarazzo is an ambitious project located in a historical district of the city of Sao Paulo. This iconic villa will be re-modelated and given a new life becoming a spot that will attract lovers of culture, food, entertainment and tourists. Therefore came the ideation of a "super" app, as ambitious as the project itself. Just in one single app several services for visitors of Cidade Matarazzo would be merged.


The app is divided in 5 main sections (Food, Fashion, Culture, Wellness & Education). Each of these subsequently is divided into 3 sub-sections in which the user can navigate through the variety of services under that section's branch. Typically each of the main sections could work as an individual app itself, but in such a complex project as Matarazzo, all the sections are merged into one single app.

The "B Inspired" area is an angular part of the platform, a social media section in which users can get "inspiration" about all the services and activities that are taking place in the Matarazzo premises. They can keep track of their favourite influencers/businesses publications and find out about events and anything that happens in Cidade Matarazzo.

On "B Inspired" influencers, personalities and Matarazzo's businesses can upload pictures, videos or any other kind of content regarding their activities or services. These special user profiles are able to access a specific section from where they can upload and manage their posts, as well as checking detailed statistics regarding their user engagement.

To enhance the reward system on the app a token based solution, MCoin, was conceived as a concept. Users would earn MCoins as they use certain features of the app. With MCoins they can pay for products/services or get benefit and other privileges.

Aside from the user side app there was the need as well to create specific CMS apps for the other Matarazzo user profiles (Couriers, Farmers and Restaurants/Businesses). Through these CMS apps they can manage their products, services, bookings, information, etc.

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