Hi there! I'm Jose Antonio Orellana, a UX designer, art lover and wannabe musician. Welcome to my online portfolio 👋.

As a UX/Product designer I enjoy experiencing the whole lifecycle of a product and to see how it grows from the strategy and ideation processes to eventually translate into an enjoyable user experiences that drives the product to it's success and full potential.

Since 2014 I've been having the chance of contributing with my skills to help companies from wide range of sizes and industries, from the very small educational start-up, to a design agency, or the large international logistics firm. The contrasting natures and environments from such different firms has allowed me to learn how to shape my approach to suit the business, organisational structures and product needs of them accordingly. Thanks to that I can feel myself as comfortable being a member to a team of Product or UX designers as well as being the only Product Designer in charge on the battlefield.

Driven by my constant ambition of growing and self-improvement I enjoy getting my hands on new challenges since that is precisely what has allowed me to evolve from the old days of my studies as Software/Web Developer, to become a Graphic/Web Designer (with some 3D Modeling and Motion Graphics gigs along the way) to eventually become the UX designer I am nowadays. I've learned my expertise as I go and that's how my mindset shaped into a user-centric approach and a pure UX thinking process.