Fitness App

A great gym club is one where you just don’t go to work out but instead one that you can definitely call your second home. One where you feel part of a community of like-minded individuals who strive to achieve the best results.

Fitness People franchise realized about the need of a re-design of it’s app, turn it into a social network where clients will not just be up to date with what’s going on at their club, find relevant information or be in contact with coaches among other features, but most importantly be part of an active community and find an extra push of motivation that translates into excellent fitness results.

Key objectives expected for this re-design were defined at the beginning after analyzing what were the biggest weaknesses of the former version of the app and what would really impact on achieving the desired level of engagement.

  • - Improve the whole flow of onboarding process as well as account management and payment settings.
  • - Promote Marketplace with a new design and structure so it becomes an important pillar of the app.
  • - Activate the sense of community by making easier the contact between clients and coaches as well as information about trainings and events.
  • - Achieve a level of engagement in which the app becomes a social media of frequent use for the user.

Initial research helped understand what were the weaknesses of the old app and how this impacts on the achievement of the described objectives for the new version of the app. Competitor research also showed what features the app were missing that would be highly beneficial for the product to reach the desired level of user engagement.

All of these points were taken into account when creating an user flow to help understand better how the journey for the user through the app should be, and then initial wireframes were drawn to start giving shape to the app.

Onboarding process flow became quick and easy to provide the user with an optimum experience. In just a few minutes user is all-ready to start working out.

A new, well structured and easy to use Marketplace was built. Designed to quickly provide the user with any kind of product that might be needed for workouts or lifestyle. As well of an improved rewards system so the user can use points acquired going to work out regularly, by buying other products or by participating in trainings to get discounts.

Main features of the app were renovated with a more intuitive and user-friendly website design. Information and pages are better structured making the user journey through the app an enjoyable activity.

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