Web design

Yanu is a start-up that is developing a fully autonomous bartender robot which prepares and mixes drinks, handles payments and communicate with users. My task was to create the main landing page as well as the ICO fundrising page.


Since it was a new established start-up, identity was one of the key things to be designed at our agency (Havas). Some of the main concepts that the brand should transmit were luxury and sophistication, so along with the brand identity development these core values were taken into account on the first explorations for the website.

After defining and polishing Yanu's visual identity and values, several iterations were taken with the client regarding the website design. As the website was meant to be the main channel for investors to get to know about Yanu's project and the robot's specifications and features.

ICO page was key to attract investors and achieve the fundraising goals. So this token presale page needed to show very specific information about Yanu's advantages, benefits and blockchain technology. As well as informing about Yanu values as company and the human side of the project, the team.

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